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Kick Trick! Incredible Soccer Goal

A college athlete scores a 95-yard goal, pushing his team to an upset victory. For more, click here:

FlexGoal 8×24 Portable Rebounding Soccer Goal

FlexGoal 8×24 Soccer Rebounder Goal Purchase online at Epic Sports FlexGoal Rebounder is a versatile portable goal. This is a full size 8’x24′ goal that is lightweight (only 16.5 pounds) and requires only a 10 minute set-up. Using Bow and Lever technology this rebounder goal provides players and coaches with effective, portable and affordable […]

Best Indoor Soccer Goal Ever – Legend of Thomas Sougats

Indoor soccer legend Thomas Sougats puts away one of his sickest goals of the 2009-2010 season. Known by many only as “The Woof,” Sougats was a soccer prodigy in Australia before moving to the states and giving the game up for nearly ten years. He’s just started to train again and I was lucky enough […]
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