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Ozil Flick Fifa 13

Nice Ozil flick and goal, 69th minute no less. Beast skills at Iphone Quality. If you enjoyed let me know and leave a like and subscribe 🙂 Pce

Tore Kellen Scores a 40 Yard Goal in the 41st minute 4-11-2013

Chief Sealth Boys Soccer player Tore Kellen scores a 40 yard goal in the 41:24 while down 1 to Franklin High School.

Middletown High School vs AI Dupont High School Girls Varsity Soccer 2014

See the Game highlight points at the end of this description: Middletown High Cavaliers vs AI Dupont Tigers Girls Varsity Soccer May 5, 2014. Middletown wins 4 – 2. Watch all our videos for the 2014 Girls Season: Check out the Tigers Schedule: Delaware’s Middletown High School Girls Varsity Soccer Team led by […]

2013 Goals – Willamette High School Boys Soccer

The 2013 goals For more information on Willamette High School Soccer go to: Posted by Soccer Coach Thomas Goodman:

Green Screen GOAL Soccer Net Dynamic Collision Simulation – Footage PixelBoom

Copyright PixelBoom DOWNLOAD HD Video 1080p and 3D Project Soccer Net Dynamic Pixel Boom has invited you to join TSU: Green Screen, GOAL, Soccer, Net, Dynamic, Collision, Simulation, PixelBoom, Pixel Boom, Pixel, Boom View playlists: LIBRERIA AUDIO YOUTUBE You’re_No_Help – Silent Partner

AMAZING HS SOCCER GOAL. Ryan Seiz chips keeper off tap Christopher Dock Souderton

Johnny Rajabi steps on top of the ball before Ryan Seiz launches the ball and chips the keeper off the tap. This puts Christopher Dock up 1-0 four seconds into the game as they go on to beat Souderton 5-2. This game was played between the two high schools on September 12, 2009.
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